Rfid help's Quick Stock take & Production JOB Checking.

The Rfid- help's quick Stock Take & Production JOB Order followup

Tiara. Point of Sale XL, Jewelry Software integrated with RFID Solution, to manage the stock efficiently and effectively into the business.


RFID Reader  à  RFID Tray (Read/ Write)  à  RFID Compile Software   à   RFID Tag                           

are set of a comprehensive RFID solution.


Jeweal, the Consultant can guide you through the implementation of RFID Solutions into your business.



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Quick Stock Take

Quick Invoicing

Quick Catalog Generation

Quick Estimation of Selected Product

Quick & Easy Item Search with details

Selected Product Image View

Fair / Exhibition Module 

Multi-Store Real-Time Stocktake

Inventory Quick Shortfall Analysis. 


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